Fun Facts

Did you know your favorite soft drink in green glass was invented by someone who had a much different favorite color? Keep reading for interesting things you didn’t know about Ale-8’s storied past.

Wainscott's Fascination

In the early 1900s, as he boarded a train at the Winchester Train Depot, founder G.L. Wainscott became intrigued by a carbonation machine on the train and decided he should enter the soft drink industry.

A New Home

Wainscott’s first plant was on North Main Street in Winchester. Amidst the growing popularity of Ale-8-One, Wainscott moved the facility to Ale-8’s current home in 1966.

A Man of Many Interests

Among his many titles, Wainscott was an avid golfer and member of the Winchester Country Club, a Transylvania University graduate and the first Cable Car Operator in Lexington.

Big Win

Shortly after Roxa Kola’s introduction to the market, Coca Cola sued, finding the name too similar. Wainscott won the case, and even after an appeal from Coca Cola in the Federal Court, it was settled in Roxa Kola’s favor.

Unexpected Favorite

Wainscott’s favorite color was orange and he could often be seen wearing an orange tie around the factory.

Ale-8 Cave

Mammoth Cave isn’t the only Kentucky Cave you can explore. There is an Ale-8 Cave in Winchester, Kentucky where you can purchase ice cold cases of Ale-8.

Privately Owned

Remaining independent since 1902, Ale-8 has no publically traded stock and has been owned privately since the very beginning.

Youngest Leader

The fourth generation and youngest president in company history, Fielding Rogers was appointed at age 28 in October 2009. He was later named CEO in 2013.


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Naming Contest

Ale-8 was first sampled at the 1926 Clark County fair, where a slogan contest was held. “A Late One” was the winning entry.

Briefcase vs. Backpack

As a child, Fielding opted for a briefcase rather than a backpack in elementary school. His entrepreneurial spirit showed as he climbed the Boy Scout ranks to become an Eagle Scout and also became his high school’s Valedictorian.

Secret Formula

To this day, Rogers prepares the Ale-8 secret formula using Wainscott’s handwritten notes and our own specialty blended ginger.


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