Ale-8-One™ Cans

First Introduced Online: July 23, 2014
(8 customer reviews)

Case of 24, 12 oz aluminum cans of Ale-8-One® soft drink



Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in

8 reviews for Ale-8-One™ Cans

  1. Billt

    I have grown up drinking ale8 and no other pop can hold a candle next to it

  2. Larry

    Alway have my daughter who live in Lexington bring me 48 cans when she come back to Michigan

  3. Ale8drinker?

    For a six pack of Ale8 you could get close to 24 cans of the store brand soda… Granted it won’t taste NEAR as good.

    For the price of 24 cans you could get around 48 cans of the store brand soda. Granted, Quality products do usually cost more, and This is Ginger ale not Soda.

    If you want Great tasting High Quality Ginger ale, It is hard to find a better product.

  4. Paul (verified owner)

    I live in Northwest Arkansas and have for years been buying Ale8one, use to buy it on my trips to the East Coast but since health doesn’t permit me to drive , i just order it online ! It is a Great Tasting Ginger ale that no other Ginger Ale equals !!! THANKS FOR MAKING A GREAT PRODUCT AND FOR BEING AN EXCELLENT COMPANY TO BUY FROM !!!

  5. Kk

    It’s so good we have it in Raleigh it’s better then other sodas

  6. Not_stoked

    Best soda I’ve ever had. Love ale8one!

  7. Gregg Bundy

    Virtually impossible to get Ale-8-1 in NC but the local Fresh Market in Southern Pines NC has the original short neck and cherry short neck. Both are available in diet. Ale-8-1 was my favorite soft drink because it was an exclusive drink for the area we lived. When we left Wilmore KY in 2005 I bought $500 worth of soda that didn’t last long at all. Fast forward 2022 and I’ve just come across their website by accident. I can’t believe I waited this long. Thanks Ale-8-1 for creating a beverage that brings back good memories of my time in Kentucky!

  8. Bo Adcock

    Ale8 is the very best tasting & refreshing soft drink ever made! Thanks for making it!it’s been getting hard to find in Indianapolis recently! I usually buy all they have any I see it!

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