12-Pack Roxa Kola Bottles

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After 55 years dormant, the original flavor is being revived and reinvented. The timing of this release is as intentional as the flavor. This treat is available during the holiday season as another tribute to family traditions with the recognition that holiday moments are uniquely special because they only happen once a year.


Roxa Kola being sold online is not available for pickup at the plant.


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12 bottles of 12 oz. Non-returnable bottles of Roxa Kola.


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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 6 in

3 reviews for 12-Pack Roxa Kola Bottles

  1. Matt Sigler

    Roxa Kola is a remarkable old-fashioned soda made proudly in the Bluegrass by folks who clearly know what they’re doing. It has a unique yet familiar flavor that lands somewhere between Royal Crown and Coca-Cola with a more mellow bite and a finer sweetness with the use of real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. It is a limited release but I hope Roxa Kola sticks around.

  2. Elgan Bruner

    I hadn’t had soda in over a decade when I tried Roxa Kola, and boy am I glad it was my first one after that long!!
    Softly carbonated, but still crisp classic cola notes coat the palate, with hints of ginger a fruit on the backend.
    You will not catch me with a fridge lacking a few 4 packs of Roxa Kola!!
    10/10 will drink again!!

  3. James B

    Tried one today and was blown away. Light and crisp with just the right amount of carbonation. I hope Roxa Kola is here to stay!

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