Cherry Ale-8™
12-Pack Bottles

First Introduced Online: July 16, 2018
(7 customer reviews)

Cherry Ale-8™ is our first new flavor since we began bottling The Original in 1926. It is an irresistible blend of our celebrated Ale-8™ secret formula and one of our founder’s favorite fruits: sweet, ripe cherries. It contains no artificial colors or flavors and is made with real sugar. The result is a bold and bright cherry soft drink with just a touch of ginger and citrus. Try one and enjoy the refreshing flavor of Cherry Ale-8™.


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12-pack of 12 oz. Non-returnable bottles of Cherry Ale-8™.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 6 in

7 reviews for Cherry Ale-8™ 12-Pack Bottles

  1. Vikings#1

    I waited in line at Circle K to get a sample of Cherry Ale 8 before it was available in stores. I love Cherry Ale 8.

  2. A Fan

    Cherry Ale-8-One has an unforgettable sweet taste. It’s hard to drink one and not want another right away. Happy to see that they can be purchased online now.

  3. Navy Mom

    This is my new favorite beverage. When I was growing up in NY Tops Wild Cherry pop was my favorite. We moved away to FL and couldn’t get it anymore. Then came Ale 81 Cherry. OMG I am hooked! It’s THE BEST soda I have ever had. I buy three 4-packs each week so I have enough. I look forward to my Ale 812 cherry and a good movie every night. It isn’t overtly sweet and has a nice smooth, refreshing cherry flavor and way less sugar than Pepsi. Please, don’t ever discontinue this flavor!

  4. Anonymous

    Probably the best cherry soda, maybe the best soda! So delicious.


    Greatest ginger ale since… well… ever! Absolutely love this! Wish it was available at more locations

  6. Kevin

    Ale 81 is the best every since I was a kid. Nothing reminds me more of the good ole days than Ake 81. Awesome new flavor. Can not wait to try blackberry or peach. Send me some to try Ake 1 is the best! For over 30 years been drinking Ale 8 Forever a fan

  7. PilotDad78

    My absolute favorite soft drink! In fact, it is the only soda I buy at the store. Unfortunately, it is $2.49 a bottle here in Juneau, AK so it is just a rare treat for me.

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