Ale-8-One® 12-Pack Bottles

First Introduced Online: July 23, 2014
(19 customer reviews)

Our traditional 12-pack of 12 oz. non-returnable bottles



12-pack of 12 oz. Non-returnable bottles of Ale-8-One®.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 6 in

19 reviews for Ale-8-One® 12-Pack Bottles

  1. Jacob Maines

    Ever since I was real little, I have drank Ale8! It is definitely my favorite soda. Though I am a fan of all ginger-blended sodas, Ale8 has several very special qualities.

  2. ale8acholic

    Nation wide please.


    You have not lived till you have enjoyed Ale 8 One. This is one of the greatest drinks ever created on planet earth. No visit to the great state of Kentucky is NOT complete until you have drank Ale 8 one, a minimum of a 6 pack.

  4. Alebilly

    I’ve enjoyed Ale-8 for many years. I moved to Florida from eastern Kentucky several years ago and if not for the online ordering service offered here, I would not enjoy my new home state nearly as much.
    Try it out. It’s got a great taste, with a touch of ginger, a few citrus notes, and something else that I can only call “magic”.

  5. Shiah

    Best drink ever!!! Better than Vernors by far. From Kentucky, loved it growing up. Definitely should try and buy!!! You definitely won’t regret it

  6. iLikeTurtles

    I love Ale-8 a lot and also my cousin showed me it

  7. MorganM

    I grew up in Ohio, but have family in Winchester and i can remember as a kid going there all the time and always getting Ale 8 in the returnable bottles. Well im certainly not a kid anymore but i still love the taste of Ale 8, i can purchase it in the non returnable bottles where i live here in Ohio, even have my husband hooked lol. We just bought 4-6 packs and im enjoying a bottle as we speak. Please never stop making this magical concoction.

  8. SodaLvr

    Never heard of this soda before until I attended a wedding in HiltonHead, SC. The groom was a fan and told me that he drove all the way to KY just so he could buy it in bulk so his guests could enjoy. Ever since ive been hooked and loving the online purchase option. Any soda lover needs to buy this.

  9. Dennis

    Great gingerale. My son brought back 24 bottles. I remember we went to hunting camp. Some Kentucky friends brought some with them . Glad we can order on line.

  10. Ale-8-Lover

    What can I say this is the most amazing soda on the earth. Period, point blank. Nuff said.

  11. Matt

    I love this drink so much I can’t hardly go a day without one. It’s far better than Pepsi or anything iv ever drunk. They’re nothing like opening a ice cold bottle of ale8. Ale8 is the best.

  12. 72Dart

    I tried this ten years ago and have been hooked. Nothing beats it! Tastes best in the returnable bottles, but the other bottles aren’t bad. So Good! We need this in Missouri!

  13. Cris

    We might not have The Red here in Texas, but I can find ale8one! I wish it were more available, but I will drive 25 min to crackerbarrel to pick up a few ale8ones

  14. CC

    First had the privilege of popping one open at Sun Valley Farm in Kentucky. So darn good!! Delighted to know I can order it and share this drink with friends here in the North East Kingdom of Vermont!

  15. Mags

    I remember touring the factories as a kid. I remember getting it for special occasions. I remember when I completed my Counselor-In-Training at my summer camp and we celebrated by drinking this at our last dinner.
    I close my eyes and I can imagine the bite on my tongue. I can imagine my older brothers coming home after living on the other side of the world for half a decade and the first thing they did was buy this. I don’t know quite how to explain to you the thrill of standing in the middle of the woods, scream-singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (none of us have ever been to WV, but in that moment we felt that sentiment) without crying.

    So if you want to taste home, close your eyes and take a sip of Ale-8-one.

  16. L_ARN

    My first sip of Ale-8-1, was in 1974. I was living in Paris, KY….across the road from Claiborne Farm.
    Since that day, it has been my favorite.
    As others have mentioned, I love the way it burns when it hits the back of my throat.
    I wish I had one in my hand right now.

  17. Jamie Griffin

    I have been drinking Ale8 since I can remember. Even after moving up north to ohio my sister would bring me Ale8 when she would come up from Kentucky for my birthday. I am now going to start ordering so I can share it with people here in North and South Carolina. Like for real thinking of the memories i have while drinking Ale8 brings tears to my eyes.God bless you all and much love

  18. Bunny

    Moving to Los Angeles from a small town in eastern Kentucky, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit home in years. I remember eating funyons and an ale8; it was my favorite snack. I’m so happy I can order online my favorite drink since I was a kid. One of the things I miss the most

  19. Jason Casale

    I just tried Ale81 at the ark encounter.
    I was so imopressed.
    This is a neat soda company with a great legacy and story.
    I am going to order Ale81 now online.
    So pleased to discover your soda on my first but not last trip to Kentucky.
    Your newest fan
    Jason Casale
    Mesa Arizona

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