Our Foundation


In many Kentucky counties within the heart of Ale-8 Country, you can still purchase our longneck returnable and refillable bottles. The dedication, care, and commitment involved in this program represents who we are as a company. In fact, the “Return for Deposit” statement has become the cornerstone of our mission statement as it recognizes the reciprocal dedication, care and commitment between us and our many customers. We welcome you to explore who we are as a bottler, a community member, and a 4th generation family-owned company.


“Return for Deposit” messaging once appeared on all bottled soft drinks. For many years it was a manufacturing standard among brands within the trade. Returnable bottles were purchased at retail, consumed at home, and then returned to the retailer in exchange for the deposit. The process nurtured a unique and personal relationship among the customer, retailer and bottler. Today this process has been abandoned by most bottlers in the US, but not by us here at Ale-8-One.

We believe in returning a deposit made in good faith.
Quality Returns Pride
Heritage Returns Loyalty
Integrity Returns Trust
Compassion Returns Kindness
Professionalism Returns Profit
Service Returns Opportunity
Care Returns Health & Safety
Community Returns Joy

We believe the quality of our product is the reason we’re all here. It’s a trust from the past that we carry on with pride.


We cherish being a part of the deeply personal memories people carry with them of a day enjoyed at the lake, a celebration over their team’s win, a climb in the Gorge, or simply a beautiful sunset enjoyed in the Bluegrass.

Integrity Returns Trust

We believe that everything we do reflects on everything we’ve done, and earns us all a special, lasting trust.

Compassion returns Kindness

We believe that showing compassion to our fellow employees and to our customers every day strengthens our company and enriches our lives.

Professionalism Returns Profit

We believe there’s a right way and a wrong way, and possibly a better way.

Service Returns Opportunity

We believe if we solve our customers’ problems before they arise, opportunity will abound.


We believe taking care of ourselves and of one another each and every day will create lasting health and safety for our Ale-8 community.


We believe that by building a community with a common purpose, we create an environment full of people who care for one another, and can accomplish anything together. And that’s the foundation for a joyful life.