Our Foundation

The Mission

In many Kentucky counties within the heart of Ale-8 Country, you can still purchase our longneck returnable and refillable bottles. The dedication, care, and commitment involved in this program represents who we are as a company. In fact, the “Return for Deposit” statement has become the cornerstone of our mission statement as it recognizes the reciprocal dedication, care and commitment between us and our many customers. We welcome you to explore who we are as a bottler, a community member, and a 4th generation family-owned company.

Shaping Who We Are

“Return for Deposit” messaging once appeared on all bottled soft drinks. For many years it was a manufacturing standard among brands within the trade. Returnable bottles were purchased at retail, consumed at home, and then returned to the retailer in exchange for the deposit. The process nurtured a unique and personal relationship among the customer, retailer and bottler. Today this process has been abandoned by most bottlers in the US, but not by us here at Ale-8-One.

We believe in returning a deposit made in good faith.